We only use Substance material to print our graphics. Our 6 mil matte printable backing is covered with a 15 mil gloss finish. We can also use a 15 mil matte finish if desired. AvidMX also prints company logos on a thinner Substance material at industry low prices.  

"AvidMX graphics are as good or better than any graphics I have ever worked with".


-- Danny Lowers, 2015 Police & Fire World Champion

Quality Guarantee

AvidMX is proud to be the graphics sponsor of the ibcorp supercross team. We also support amateur motocross racers. We have different levels of sponsorship and are always looking to help Avid Motocrossers.      


AvidMX owner, Ed Wilson has been involved in the motocross industry since 1987 as a racer, event promoter,  team manager and now as a graphics designer. Ed believes that it is vital that a motorcycle is a representation of the rider and needs to be a portrait of yourself and your sponsors.

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We guarantee our product for customer satisfaction. If we mess up, we will fit the problem no questions asked!

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100% full custom kits are available for $199.99